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Susie Velasquez

Rational Alchemy
Rational Politics: Susie Velasquez
Rational Alchemy. Hosted by Nigel Aves with Guest Susie Velasquez.

interview with Susie Velasquez, running for Clerk and Recorder in Weld County Colorado. Short, sweet, to the point.

A County Clerk and Recorder is an elected official responsible for various administrative and record-keeping duties at the county level. The specific roles and responsibilities of a County Clerk and Recorder can vary slightly from one jurisdiction to another, but their primary functions typically include:

  1. Elections Administration: The County Clerk and Recorder oversee the administration of elections within the county. They ensure the proper conduct of elections, maintain voter registration records, and manage polling places.
  2. Recording and Document Management: The Clerk and Recorder's office is responsible for recording and maintaining various public documents, such as deeds, liens, marriage licenses, and other legal records. This helps establish a public record of property ownership and other legal transactions within the county.
  3. Motor Vehicle Services: In some counties, the Clerk and Recorder's office may handle motor vehicle-related services, such as issuing vehicle registrations, license plates, and conducting title transfers.
  4. Issuing Marriage Licenses: County Clerks and Recorders typically issue marriage licenses to eligible couples who wish to get married within the county.
  5. Clerk to the County Board: The Clerk and Recorder may serve as the clerk to the county's legislative body, such as the Board of County Commissioners. They help keep records of meetings, resolutions, and other official actions taken by the board.
  6. Public Records Requests: The office may handle public records requests, providing access to non-confidential public documents and ensuring compliance with relevant laws regarding access to public records.
  7. Administering Oaths: County Clerks and Recorders may administer oaths to individuals, such as notaries public and elected officials, as required by law.

The specific duties and responsibilities of a County Clerk and Recorder can be detailed and diverse. Since the role is elected, it allows the community to have a say in who holds this critical position, and it ensures transparency and accountability in the management of essential public records and services at the county level.
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