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Paco Erhard

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Paco Erhard

Nigel Aves discusses German comedy--which is a real thing, believe it or not--with Paco Erhard, a very funny guy from Bavaria, which is also a real thing.

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Produced and edited by T.G. Lewis of the Captn's Lounge Studio for the CiT NETWORK.

and here is  a bit more:

Paco Erhard is a German stand-up comedian, writer, and producer born in 1975. He's best known for touring the worldwide English-language comedy festival circuit. Here are some key points about him:

Career Highlights:

Performs stand-up in English, making him popular on the international comedy scene.
His signature show is "5-Step Guide to Being German," which explores German culture and identity with humour and wit. This show has garnered critical acclaim and won awards at various festivals.

He has also performed other shows like "Worst. German. Ever." and "German Paranoia," tackling broader themes with his satirical and observational humour.
Additional Information:

He was born Erhard Hübener but uses the stage name Paco Erhard.

He has been described as a "German Jim Jefferies" and praised for his "genius" and "reckless" humour.
You can find videos of his stand-up routines on YouTube and learn more about his upcoming shows on his website or social media pages.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Paco Erhard.
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