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Lyrics Fuck The Creationists

[Trash Talk]
Ah yeah, here we go again!
Damn! This is some funky shit that I be laying down on your ass
This one goes out to all my homey's working in the field of
Evolutionary science
Check it!

[Verse 1]
Fuck the damn creationists, those bunch of dumb-ass bitches
Every time I think of them my trigger finger itches
They want to have their bullshit, taught in public class
Stephen J. Gould should put his foot right up their ass
Noah and his ark, Adam and his Eve
Straight up fairy stories even children don't believe
I'm not saying there's no god, that's not for me to say
All I'm saying is the Earth was not made in a day

Fuck, fuck, fuck
Fuck the Creationists

[Trash Talk]
Break it down
Ah damn, this is a funky jam!
I'm about ready to kick this bitch back in
Check it

[Verse 2]
Fuck the damn creationists I say it with authority
Because kicking their punk asses be me paramount priority
Them wack-ass bitches say, "evolution's just a theory"
They best step off, them brainless fools, I'll give them cause to fear me
The cosmos is expanding every second, every day
But their minds are shrinking as they close their eyes and pray
They call their bullshit science like the word could give them cred
If them bitches be scientists then cap me in the head

Fuck, fuck, fuck
Fuck the Creationists

[Trash Talk]
Bring that shit in!
Ah yeah, that's right, fuck them all motherfuckers
Fucking punk ass creationists trying to set scientific thought back 400 years
Fuck that!
If them superstitious motherfuckers want to have that kind of party
I'm going to put my dick in the mashed potatoes
Fucking creationists
Fuck them
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