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Lilith Jenovax

Rational Alchemy
Lilith Jenovax interview
Nigel Says, Lilith and myself discussed working together over a year and a half ago. In fact we had the entire day planned from interview to shoot. Then we were hit by COVID and Lilith made the very wise decision to cancel her tour. So here we are today (28-September-2021) and we are now able to achieve what we planned. Unfortunately Lilith's time in Colorado is only a couple of days and the studio was not available. We filmed the interview at her "temporary abode" in Denver.

WARNING. Because of the incredibly small lounge we were working in there is a slight echo on the voice, even though we were using Lavalier microphones. BUT the video is still listenable, and we cover so many off topic topics! .....

About Lilith Jenovax

Lilith Jenovax is a multifaceted artist that is skilled in photography, modeling, music, acting, writing, and creating conceptual pieces. She has been internationally published as a model and nationally published as a photographer and works independently on her film and music. She has exceptional skills in professional editing, posing, composition, writing, and design.

Before obtaining her bachelor's degree in psychology, she studied as an art major and went on to pursue her own in freelance work. Now 25, Lilith has been a successful freelance artist since 2014 and continues to research and perfect her craft in multiple avenues.

​Her services are desired by anyone needing portrait or event work, portfolio development, promotional pieces, vocal tracks, writing content, acting, or modeling for a product or an artist's vision.

Note to all fine art nude photographers. I had the honor of working with Lilith, and she has to be marked as totally πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ out of 5. Wonderful personality, drifts seamlessly from pose to pose, follows direction to the letter and oozes poise and attitude. Really consider Lilith for your next project.
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