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Colorado House District 48

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Candidate for Colorado House District 48
If the status quo is not working for you, I am the change that our community needs to maintain our quality of life in Weld County, Colorado.

I see the rise of conservative populism all over the world, and I feel a responsibility to rise up and speak out against it. The pendulum has to swing back to a balance. Many people have been blinded by rhetoric to vote against their own interests. It is time for facts and empathy to work their way back into politics and policy making!

Si el status quo no está funcionando para usted, soy el cambio que nuestra comunidad necesita para el futuro para mantener nuestra calidad de vida en el condado de Weld, Colorado.

Veo el surgimiento del populismo conservador en todo el mundo y siento la responsabilidad de levantarme contra él. El péndulo tiene que volver a balancearse. La retórica ha cegado a la gente para votar en contra de sus propios intereses. ¡Es hora de que los hechos y la empatía vuelvan a la política!

Presented by the CiT NETWORK.

There are 65 House Districts in the Colorado House of Representatives. However, the number and boundaries of legislative districts can change due to redistricting processes that occur every ten years based on the U.S. Census data.

To find the most up-to-date information about Colorado House District 48, including its current representative, boundaries, and any recent changes, I recommend checking the official Colorado State Legislature website or other authoritative sources for the latest details. Additionally, you can search for information on the Colorado Secretary of State's website or contact the local election office for accurate and current information.
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