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Both Sides of Centre-3

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Rational Politics: Both Sides of Centre-3

Paul and Sara talk about what cities do to lure companies to move to and stay in a particular location.

Produced by T.G. Lewis for the CiT NETWORK. Recorded at the Captn's Lounge Studio.

"Both sides of center" is a phrase that typically refers to viewpoints or ideologies that are situated on either side of the political center. The political center is a position that is considered moderate or balanced, often advocating for compromise and finding common ground between the more extreme ideologies on the left and right ends of the political spectrum.

When someone mentions "both sides of center," they are usually referring to perspectives or individuals who may have differing opinions but still fall within the realm of moderate or centrist politics. These individuals may share some common ground with centrist policies or ideas, but they might have distinct views on certain issues or prioritize different policy approaches.

It's essential to note that the interpretation of "center" can vary depending on the country and its political landscape. In some contexts, the center might be more conservative, while in others, it may be more progressive. Additionally, political ideologies are complex and can't always be easily categorized into neat boxes, as individuals may hold various beliefs on different topics.

Overall, "both sides of center" acknowledges that there are diverse perspectives within the moderate or centrist range of political thought. It highlights the importance of understanding and considering a broad spectrum of ideas when seeking solutions to societal challenges.
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