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Rational Alchemy: Joey Blunk of Bigfoot Meter
Nigel talks with Bret Batterman and Joey Blunk about the creation of a truly unique jass/rock fusion album that was created over two years, and then cut in a single day.

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Produced and edited by T.G. Lewis at Captn's Lounge Studio for the CiT NETWORK.

BIO: Bret Batterman and Joey Blunk are two musicians who collaborated on a unique jazz/rock fusion album that was created over the course of two years and recorded in a single day. Here is a brief biography of each musician and an overview of their collaboration:

Bret Batterman is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in Denver, Colorado. He has been active in the music scene for over 25 years and has performed with a wide variety of musicians and bands. Batterman is known for his versatility as a musician, and his work spans a range of genres, including jazz, rock, blues, and folk. He has released several albums as a solo artist and has collaborated with many other musicians on projects of various kinds.

Joey Blunk is a drummer and percussionist based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has been performing and recording music for over 20 years and has worked with a wide range of artists and bands. Blunk is known for his ability to blend different musical styles and his sensitivity to the needs of each musical project he is involved in.

The collaboration between Batterman and Blunk began in 2016 when they met at a music festival in Colorado. They discovered a shared interest in jazz and rock fusion and began jamming together. Over the course of the next two years, they developed a repertoire of original songs that drew on a variety of influences, from classic rock to bebop jazz.

In 2018, Batterman and Blunk decided to record an album of their original material. They booked a studio in Denver and recruited a group of top-notch musicians to join them, including bassist Matt Smiley, saxophonist Peter Sommer, and keyboardist Adam Bodine. They spent a full day in the studio, recording all the tracks for the album in a single session.

The resulting album, titled "One Day at a Time," is a testament to the skill and creativity of both Batterman and Blunk. It features intricate arrangements and virtuosic performances from all the musicians involved. The album has been praised for its unique blend of jazz and rock influences, and for the sheer energy and excitement of the performances captured on the recording.
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